Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I haven't posted a blog post about the work I create for competition briefs in over a few months and I think it's about time I started to blog some more about my design experience. In over a month I will be joining thousands of other designers starting in the world of Graphic Design. I am truly looking forward to getting into the industry and building myself up into being a successful but also a productive designer. My 5 years of studying at 3 different institutes has being an amazing experience and I would highly recommend anyone going into studying to further their choice of employment for a better future. I have being gratefully thankful to all my tutors who have taught me various skills over the past 5 years and without their help I wouldn't have being able to understand who I wanted to be as a designer today.

Thursday, 4 April 2013


As part of the Professional Communication module, the brief asked to create a brand that would promote us into the graphic design industry.
My Design
The design is simple and bold. I wanted to create something that was relative to me and the use of red shows that I am passion for my design work and the industry of graphic design. The circle centres my logo and this is the brand for self promotion.