Monday, 7 April 2014


What's being happening?

It's being a while since I have posted a blog post so here it is! Since finishing my bachelors degree back in June 2013, I joined the millions of unemployed people in the UK. During the first 2 months I experienced ups and downs which I quickly tried to overcome. Whilst finishing my studying, I ended up in A&E after stupidly falling down the stairs that resulted in having to wear a cast for 9 weeks.

My confidence in finding a graduate job had plummeted and I eventually ran out of savings for me to live. My only option was to visit the local job centre and put in a claim for JSA. The first few weeks from making a new claim is tough and demanding. I remember having to look for over 10+ jobs a week in an area that has a deprivation of full time employment.

Every day was a constant cycle of looking on various job sites, handing my CV out to local companies and attending a course my adviser advised my to attend. I have successfully completed 2 courses and achieved a Customer Service Level 1 and BTEC ITQ Level 2 in IT. Once obtaining these qualifications my confidence and employment prospect grew.

Job Opportunity

I was nearing to the end of one of my courses when I had applied to an internship scheme that Teesside University were offering to recent graduates. I received an email confirming I had an interview and my application was successful! I'd already had other interviews for other jobs but they were always unsuccessful.

I remember waiting nervously in the waiting room for my panel interview, the thoughts going through my head saying how I needed this job and remembering the techniques I had read on career websites. The interview went well but I could have done better. I waited for a week and received the email that I had being successful in securing an internship with The West Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Trust. I met with Paul Wales, the operations director and he told me that one of us will be placed in the Know Your Money, Keep The Change Project. I was chosen to work alongside KYM.


The 6th of January had arrived and my first day of full time employment. The first few days were a challenge to get myself started within a new team but I found myself comfortable and in control with many of the projects that I was working on. Every 2 weeks I was required to attend Teesside University for sessions that would benefit and improve a persons employment prospect.

During my time at KYM, I have built and improved many skills and qualities that have made me more approachable to applying for jobs vacancies. Unfortunately because of funding, I wasn't able to be kept on at KYM. I now work as a volunteer part time in helping them improve their website and promoting events and sessions within the building.

So, yeah.. The past few months have been the worst and the best times of my life. I have improved various skills and qualities that have made me a much better person.

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